EduTournée, school acoustics

Studio Sound Service participated in EduTournée, event organized by Connessioni (leader magazine for the System Integration industry) on the occasion of the “Fiera Didacta” trade show, focused on the educational world.

EduTournée is designed for school professionals who are using new technologies, so they can learn how to use them in the best way, and for those professionals who are in charge of their development.

Acoustic treatment plays a key role in the new classroom and, in general, in every public environment where students and teachers spend their time every day.

Italian laws on acoustics are getting updated thanks to the DM 11 January 2017, which indicates guidelines on environmental sustainability and passive acoustics. 

There are two factors that must be considered: the first one is didactical, since the intelligibility of a lesson is strongly influenced by the room acoustics. 
The other one is about health. Bad acoustics can cause vocal stress (and consequent pathologies) to the teachers, who often yell to be understood, and can damage the hearing system of those who live everyday in common environments, such as gyms and canteens.

Donato Masci and Cecilia Torracchi delivered their speeches at the event.

These industry events are really important in order to raise awareness on room acoustics, an important factor that needs to be integrated in collaboration with all professional realities that are involved in the design process.

The entire presentation (in Italian) is available at the "Education" page.

Link: Education