Genelec video with... me!

It's a big honour that Genelec wants me to talk about large monitor in a room and unveil its new flagship 1236 SAM™ System.
In this video I show interesting projects with Genelec monitors and i unveil my 10 rules of making a good control room.

Thanks to all the people who worked for this: Jarmo Masko – Genelec, Fausto Demetrio (videomaker), Francesco Borsotti and Gino De Dominicis – Midiware and my close collaborators, that without them I could never get anywhere (in no particular order): Francesca Bianco, Luca Ravagni, Atletico Poltrona, Valerio VS Stecca and Sam Costa, Valentina Cardinali and Cecilia Torracchi new entry of Studio Sound Service s.a.s. .

‪#‎sorryformyenglish‬ it's a mess, I know but I'm working on it, my friends Zenon Schoepe and Ellysia King from UK will help me to improve it
p.s. in no particular order but I put Francesca first otherwise she gets mad