Studio Sound Service at UNI/ISO

Among the many goals achieved this year, one of the most important is the entry of Donato Masci into the UNI committee for Italian regulations in acoustics.

Following numerous notifications regarding the noise level of the cinemas, was created the GL 40 "Acoustic comfort of cinemas" (UNI / CT 002 / GL 40) commission joined by Donato, thanks also to the collaboration with Dr. Iole Pinto (Head of the Physical Agents Department of the AUSL 7 Prevention Department of Siena Functional Unit Hygiene and Toxicology).

Thanks to the experience in electro-acoustics and the many professional experiences that have led Studio Sound Service to deal with numerous realities in the world of installations and integration of A/V systems, Donato has also joined the acoustic committee in the working group UNI/CT 040/GL 29 "Audio Video Systems and Controls (AVLC) integration services".

The purpose of the new GL is to draw up two documents: a standard concerning the integration service of the Audio Video Lights and Controls systems (AVLC) and a standard on the professional profile – still unregulated in Italy – of the AVLC systems integrator.