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Aemme Recording Studio


A stone's throw from Lake Como, Salvatore Addeo’s Aemme Recording Studio is a great facility for recording, mixing and mastering.

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The Studio has five rooms, each with well-defined acoustic characteristics. A 40 sqm Control Room designed and built for Recording and Mixing, a 30 sqm Mastering room and three live rooms, each with different characteristics and different reverberation times.

A 40 square meter control room designed for Recording and Mixing, a Mastering room of about 30 square meters and three live rooms each with different sounds and different reverberation times.


Owner, producer, arranger and resident engineer:

Location Lecco - Lake Como
Audio Facility Recording Studio - Mastering Studio
Rooms Control Room Mastering Room Wooden Room Vocal Room Stone Room
Audio System Genelec 1038B , B&W Nautilus 802
Console SSL 4000

Emis Killa, Michael Vescera, Scott Russo

Layout Layout
Planimetria - Aemme Recording Studio
Control Room
Area 40 m2 Volume 120 m3
Reverberation time 0.20s @500Hz; 0.38s @63 Hz
The 40-square-meter control room is equipped with a large reinforced concrete buffle housing the Genelec 1038B big monitors and an SSL4000G + console. The strong point of this room is the linearity of listening.
Mastering Room
Area 30 m2 Volume 90 m3
Reverberation time 0.18s @500Hz; 0.35s @63 Hz
30 sqm Mastering room equipped with B&W Nautilus 802 monitors.
Wooden Room
Area 15 m2 Volume 50 m3
Reverberation time 0.25s @500Hz; 0.45s @63 Hz
Moderately reflective room suitable for recording electric guitars and acoustic instruments, such as guitars and strings.
Vocal Room
Area 12 m2 Volume 45 m3
Reverberation time 0.15s @500Hz; 0.35s @63 Hz
This room is drier than the others, it was conceived primarily as a vocal booth, but also lends itself easily to the recording of many instruments.
Stone Room
Area 23 m2 Volume 70 m3
Reverberation time 0.45s @500Hz; 0.75s @63 Hz
The most reverberant room, with large stone surfaces. It lends itself especially to the recovery of drums and percussions.