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Andamento Analogico


Andamento Analogico is a music production, recording, mixing and mastering studio in the centre of Rome.

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Pierantonio Grassi's music production studio Andamento Analogico works as a music production, recording, mixing and mastering studio.

People energy and skills make it a perfect  team for a 360 degrees activity in the music industry.

The studio consists of three main rooms: a control room, a recording room and a large isobooth. The architecture of these three rooms stems from the different acoustic requirements.


Building: Acusticarte

Founder and CEO:

Location Rome
Audio Facility Recording Studio - Mastering Studio
Rooms Recording Room Isobooth
Audio System Genelec 8341
Recording Room
Area 30 m2 Volume 120 m3
Recording room with brilliant acoustics used mainly for drums and acoustic instruments.
Area 15 m2 Volume 50 m3
Isobooth with very dry acoustics, ideal for vocal recording.