Recording Studio

Audacia Records


Audacia Records studio by Giuseppe Stornelli in Avezzano (AQ). It is the studio of the latest artistic productions by Franco Califano.

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The Audacia Records Studio was designed in 2008. The control room and the live room are made of natural wood. A flagship of this project is the variable acoustics in the live room that makes the studio more versatile and adaptable to different contexts.

The studio was inaugurated in September by Franco Califano.


Owners of the studio:

Location Avezzano, L'Aquila, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Rooms Control Room Live Room
Audio System Genelec 1039 , Genelec 1031 , Quested V2108
Console Digidesign Icon D-Command

Franco Califano, Nicky Nicolai, Simona Bencini (Dirotta su Cuba), Fabrizio Bosso, Stefano Di Battista

Control Room
Area 45 m2 Volume 135 m3
Reverberation time 0.25s @500Hz; 0.50s @63Hz
The control room of Audacia Records is based on the Feflection Free Zone (RFZ) design, which aims to create an area without reflections around the main listening point. It is therefore equipped with a reflective front with built-in big monitors and a very efficient diffuser on the back, which also has low-frequency absorption characteristics.
Live Room
Area 50 m2 Volume 150 m3
Reverberation time 0.25รท0.40s @500Hz; 0.40s @63Hz
The live room is equipped with variable acoustic devices that allow to change the acoustic field substantially. The ceiling is particularly reflective with diffusion (given by polyclonal panels) and guarantees arousing and freshness to the sound.