Sport Facility

Barys Arena


A 300,000 m3 ice rink and an acoustic correction made with over 2700 panels suspended 40 meters above the ground.

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With an area of nearly 10,000 m2 and a height of over 40 m, Barys Arena, the official Barys Astana stadium, is undoubtedly our (volumetrically) biggest project.

The ice rink, the metallic covering, the concrete stairways with plastic seats: the stadium surfaces were all almost completely reflective. The materials and the large volume created thus a reverberant environment with critical acoustic conditions. Despite a high quality audio system, understanding the announcements issued during matches was very difficult. Even the players complained about discomfort during training.

After a complex work of analytical design, before, and acoustic CAD design, later, we were able to identify the optimal intervention that actually managed to halve the reverberation times (which exceeded the 8 seconds at 500 Hz).

The approximately 2,800 black polyester fiber panels were mounted by skilled riggers who were suspended at more than 40 meters height to complete the installation.

Final testing certified the quality of our correction, with reverberation times of less than 4 s at 500 Hz with empty room.

Our attention was also paid to the healthiness of the installed materials: polyester fiber panels are, in fact, completely non-toxic and fire-retardant, fundamental qualities in such harsh environments.


Building and Project Management: Proaudio Consulting


Location Astana, Kazakhstan
Architectural Acoustics Sport Facility
Rooms Ice-Hockey Arena
Audio System Electrovoice
Layout Layout
Planimetria - Barys Arena
Ice-Hockey Arena
Area 10000 m2 Volume 300000 m3
Reverberation time 3.8s @500Hz; 4.9s @63Hz
Capacity 11626 spectators. The ante-operam reverberation times were above 8s, after correction, in the empty room the average T30 was about 3.8s, so about 3s in a full room. The STI of the audio system is at any point above 0.50 in the empty room.