Postproduction a/v Studio - Dubbing Room

beep! Studio


For beep! Studio we have designed several dubbing and mixing rooms. Each room has a precise concept.

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beep! Studio is a facility where a huge amount of dubbings and high-level broadcast mixes are produced. The target is generally documentaries and television series and customers are important ones: FOX, Nat Geo, Mediaset, Rai and many others.

Each room has a very specific character, to be recognizable by the technicians and the artists and the aesthetics have been taken care of in order to transform a place that is usually without a soul, in an environment in which to feel very comfortable.


Building and Project Management: Proaudio Consulting

Location Rome
Audio Facility Postproduction a/v Studio - Dubbing Room
Rooms Garage Room Gorilla Room 70 Room
Audio System Genelec 8240
Garage Room
Area 20 m2 Volume 60 m3
Reverberation time 0.19s @ 500 Hz
A 5.1 ITU compliant mix room for the broadcast.
Gorilla Room
Area 7 m2 Volume 21 m2
Reverberation time 0.15s @ 500 Hz
A very small but functional 5.1 mix room for documentaries and TV series.
70 Room
Reverberation time 0.15s @ 500 Hz
A dubbing room consisting of a small control room and a comfortable recording room.