Hotel, Restaurant, Café

Bolgheri's Ornellaia


Acoustic and electroacoustic design of the multifunctional space known as 'l'Aquilone' for its architectural shape.

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L'Aquilone is immersed in the Ornellaia Territory that extends between Bolgheri and the Tuscan coast.

The integrated design between acoustics/electroacoustics and architecture was developed with high attention to each detail. The acoustic design found an optimal solution that corresponds to the simplicity and perfection of the entire project.

The classic wooden ceiling boards have been remodeled to be an acoustic correction device; sound diffusion has also been integrated into this ceiling covering using acoustic exciters that are completely hidden from view. Vertical partition panels have sound-absorbing characteristics; their position within the space allows for different scenarios.


Architectural Design:

Location Bolgheri, Tuscany
Architectural Acoustics Hotel, Restaurant, Café
Audio System Glauk Sound