Recording Studio

Boomker Sound Studio


Boomker Sound is a multifunctional facility and a music label. It is the natural habitat of Reggae - Hip-hop - Alternative.

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Boomker Sound is a multifunctional facility that houses a professional recording studio and three rehearsal rooms.

The recording studio consists of four rooms (Studio A Live Room and Control Room / Studio B Live Room and Control Room) appropriately interconnected and equipped with visuals and video connections. The structure is also equipped for photographic and video services.

The studio was designed to maintain almost homely heat and the self-made realization amplifies this sensation, making it an acoustically efficient environment, but also very familiar and relaxed.

Ciro "PrinceVibe" Pisanelli and Federico "Faith k9" Cioni make up the main body of the Boomker Studio label (formerly Ciretnek productions, since 2001): musicians, artists and sound engineers. Their natural habitat is Reggae - Hip-hop - Alternative, but their professionalism leads them also to other lids.


Owner and resident engineer:

Location Florence, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Rooms Control Room Live Room Rehearsal room
Audio System Yamaha HS-80
Console Soundcraft Ghost

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Working Vibes, Fish, Magnapasta, Il Generale, Quartiere Coffee, Guerrilla Farming, MamaVibe, BigBlackMama_Long way, Anima Caribe, Legho, Mama Marjas, Jaka, BigBlackMama, White Overproof

Control Room
Area 25 m2 Volume 85 m3
Reverberation time 0.18s @500Hz; 0.39s @63Hz
The control room is a medium sized room with two types of Yamaha HS-80 listening systems and a pair of Hi-Fi speakers used for mastering. The room is designed to have excellent control over low frequency listening, which is fundamental to the genres produced at Boomker. There is also a small control room B, a project studio useful for editing, preproducting, or recording individual voices and instruments.
Live Room
Area 45 / 9 m2 Volume 170 / 32 m3
Reverberation time 0.36/0.14s @500Hz; 0.59/0.30s @63Hz
The live room has a very lively and brilliant acoustics with good diffusion. It is also excellent for sound recordings, it has audio and video connections with Control Room A, Control Room B and Isobooth and is also equipped for photo and video services. The IsoBooth, acoustically very dry, is great for recording voices or single instruments and this is also linked (audio and video) with Control Room B, Control Room A and Live Room A. The studio has a very large amount of musical acoustic, electrical and electronic instruments.
Rehearsal room
The study has three rehearsal rooms of approximately 20 square meters each, appropriately insulated each other and with the outside environment. Rooms can also be used as live rooms for synchronized recordings.