Church, Worship Facility

Chiesa di S. Maria Nuova


Designed by Arch. Mario Botta, the Church of Santa Maria Nuova is "an innovative art work and worthy of being visited"

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The Church of Santa Maria Nuova in Terranuova Bracciolini was inaugurated on Saturday, October 9, 2010 with a large gathering of the faithful. From the beginning it was considered "an innovative art work and worthy of being visited” - designed by one of the most important figures of contemporary architecture, the Ticino architect Mario Botta (Architect Mario Botta on Wikipedia), whose production since 1960 has ranged from single-family homes, original expressions of the Ticino school, up to large public buildings, libraries, theaters, museums, churches and synagogues built throughout the world.

Being able to collaborate with a team of designers to such a high level has been a privilege.

Mario Botta Architetti Studio provided us with the designs by which we could make a 3D acoustic CAD model to study internal sound propagation. The particular geometry of the room made it difficult to achieve good acoustics. For this reason we developed a correction able to lower the reverberation time, together with the electroacoustic system planning, able to increase the intelligibility of speech parameters.


The church was designed by Arch.:

Location Terranuova Bracciolini (AR), Italy
Architectural Acoustics Church, Worship Facility
Rooms The Church
Audio System JBL CBT100
The Church
Area 450 m2 Volume 4000 m3
Reverberation time 2.8s @ empty room; 1.9s @ occupied
After several comparisons with Arch. Botta Studio we found the best solution for acoustic correction which was also aesthetically pleasing. Slats of plasterboard were placed in front of sound-absorbing material: a simple correction that reduces of almost 4 seconds the room reverberation time, bringing it to optimum levels. Each plaster slat creates a cylindrical acoustic diffusion on medium-high frequencies, those typical of consonants, which favors speech intelligibility. Thanks to this device, a part of the acoustic energy which is reflected on the walls is absorbed, the remaining part is redistributed evenly in all directions, giving rise to a very natural sound field. Even the tracking of JBL directive loudspeakers has been optimized after several acoustic CAD simulations: the sound pressure level is quite low but the final result is that of a homogeneous sound perception throughout the church.