Recording Studio - Orchestral Hall

Cicaleto Recording Studio


Francesco Ponticelli's recording studio in Arezzo, with a large orchestral recording room.

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Cicaleto Recording Studio was designed by Studio Sound Service professionals: each with his specific contribution, the designers have created a unique studio of its kind. Francesco Ponticelli provided an important contribution too, becoming himself an active part in the creative phases, and ensuring that the studio was modeled on his artistic needs and sensibilities. 

 Despite its classic style, the control room has a modern “non-envirenment” design - with reflective front wall and absorbent back wall. Each element, including furnishings, has been designed to optimize the diffusion of the acoustic field. Diffusor on the back is unique, it was designed specifically for this study and made by Artnovion who perfectly executed our design drawings. Thanks to the different depths of its elements and the numerous discrepancies, it is able to create a “broadband” diffusion of the sound coming from the front. 

The ceiling “cloud" hides a large layer of porous material that absorbs low frequencies, balancing the frequency response. The reflective part of the ceiling directs sound coming from the speakers towards the back wall, from which it is adequately absorbed / re-diffused. No deferred reflections - that could confuse the perception -  reach the listening point.

 The live room is one of the largest designed by Studio Sound Service. Like the control room, this room was also designed in detail. The ceiling “canopies” have double function: they help to diffuse sound coming from below and they also minimize sound focusing which could be produced by the tilted roof. The floor has been designed to create areas with different acoustic response, each designed for the instrument it will serve. Walls provide the right amount of absorption, reflection and diffusion, so as to create a natural reverberation, neither too long nor too dry, and a diffused sound field. The parallelism between the long walls, possible cause of repeated echoes, was interrupted thanks to walls different inclinations. Long walls also hide mobile gobos that can be used independently within the room, creating isolated areas for ad hoc recordings.


Building: Acusticarte

Owner and Residential Engineer:

Location Arezzo
Audio Facility Recording Studio - Orchestral Hall
Rooms Control Room Recording Room
Audio System Genelec 1237a
Console Studer 903A

Paolo Fresu, Petra Magoni, Benoit Dulbecq, Joe Sanders, Seamus Blake, Michel Godard, Cristina Zavalloni, Francesco Bearzatti, Alessandro Lanzoni, Giovanni Guidi, Christian Meyer

Layout Layout
Planimetria - Cicaleto Recording Studio
Control Room
Area 40 m2 Volume 160 m3
Reverberation time 0.23 s
Recording Room
Area 80 m2 Volume 500 m3
Reverberation time 0.6 s