Postproduction a/v Studio - Cinema Mixing Theatre

Cinecittà, Sala A


Renovation project and upgrade in Atmos of the famous Cinecittà Sala A

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At the end of 2019 Studio Sound Service delivered the project for the renovation of the famous Sala A and a feasibility study for the remaking of the entire audio / video post-production facility.

Cinecittà studios are, as well as iconic, one of the most important assets of cinema in Italy, so our approach has been reverential but at the same time innovative for all the new technologies that we are going to insert in the room, starting from the new audio system in Dolby Atmos.

What we show at this stage is only the idea of the project that we hope will be carried out in 2020.


Internal technical manager:

Location Roma
Audio Facility Postproduction a/v Studio - Cinema Mixing Theatre
Audio System Meyersound
Console Avid S6