Postproduction a/v Studio - Cinema Mixing Theatre

Cinecittà, Sala HE "Millennium Falcon"


Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment and Music Room adjacent to Sala A of Cinecittà, with a design reminiscent of Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.

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Built in the former control room of Sala A which was originally a scoring stage, this room is used for film premixes and mixes in Dolby Atmos HE and Music for television projects.

Much appreciated by internal staff for its particular shape reminiscent of the Star Wars spaceship, it is equipped with a powerful Genelec system.


Building: Acusticarte

Residential technical manager :

Location Roma
Audio Facility Postproduction a/v Studio - Cinema Mixing Theatre
Audio System Genelec 8341 , Genelec 7382 , Genelec S360
Console AVID S6