Multimedia Conference Hall - Hotel, Restaurant, Café - Corporate, Office



Integrated design between Acoustics, Architecture and Audio/Video for the Fmts headquarters in Pontecagnano Faiano (SA)

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The Formamentis (FMTS) headquarters in Pontecagnano Faiano (SA), inaugurated this year, is a good example of a modern professional training space, with cutting-edge technologies. The School of Advanced Gastronomic Training In Cibum, an example in which gastronomic culture and the agri-food sector converge for high-level training, makes use of recording, streaming, videoconferencing and highly advanced automation technologies.

In this scenario, acoustics play a fundamental role. The insulation between adjacent rooms, to and from the outside, the internal acoustic comfort have been designed to constitute environments where learning is optimal and less tiring.

The In Cibum School, unique in Southern Italy for size, equipment and purpose, is located in Via Leonardo da Vinci, 17/A, 84098, Pontecagnano (SA), a strategic position in Campania, which has always been a cultural and food and wine heritage that has made school in the world.

Architectural design by Sabrina Masala, Light Design Filippo Cannata.


Architectural Design by:

Location Pontecagnano (SA)
Architectural Acoustics Multimedia Conference Hall - Hotel, Restaurant, Café - Corporate, Office
Rooms Lecture Hall
Audio System Tannoy VX12Q
Lecture Hall
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The lecture hall has a real integrated kitchen. The hall has been designed with a high multimedia content to make it even more versatile for traditional frontal lessons, conferences, cooking lessons but also recordings and teaching in various forms.