Recording Studio - Postproduction a/v Studio

Moonolite Sound Studio


The recording, dubbing and a/v post-production studio owned by Federica Luna Vincenti. Dolby Atmos Music listed.

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The studio was conceived to be able to work for both music and film and television productions.

Federica is a musician/singer and her Goldenart production company is active in theater, television and film production.

The newly built studio was used to post-produce and mix Michele Placido's film Caravaggio.

Moonolite Sound Studio was designed to be compliant with Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment standards and then was listed on the official Dolby Atmos Music list when it became available.


Building: Acusticarte


Location Rome
Audio Facility Recording Studio - Postproduction a/v Studio
Rooms Mixing Room
Audio System Genelec 8340 , Genelec 1237a , Amphion One18 , Genelec 7380A
Console AVID S6

Michele Placido, Federica Vincenti

Mixing Room
Area 40 m2 Volume 130 m3