Recording Studio - Orchestral Hall

International Sound Studio


The International Sound in Conversano (BA) has one of the best orchestral halls in Italy. It hosted high-level productions and national and international artists.

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Born in 1989, International Sound s.r.l. to date is a well-established reality in the field of technology and technical services for the show, providing all the necessary support for the design and implementation of concerts, street shows, major events, Radio and television broadcasts, theater performances, fashion shows, fairs, conventions and event space management.

Located in the Artisan Area of Conversano (Bari), the International Sound Studio has been active since 2006. Only in southern Italy for its size, acoustics and technical equipment, it has become an important point of reference for musical production in Puglia and beyond.

Of grate value are the live rooms, crafted by the artisans D'Attoma brothers (ebanists from many generations) made of precious woods able to enhance the acoustic properties. The studio boasts a magnificent 114 square meter live room and several other rooms designed to accommodate any kind of musical ensemble or recording project.

The technical equipment of the studio is of the highest order and includes Genelec and Quested monitoring hosted in a 5.1 control room.


The studio was designed in collaboration with architect Walter Scazzetta and is owned by the family:

Location Conversano, Bari, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio - Orchestral Hall
Rooms Control Room Live Room
Audio System Genelec 7271 , Genelec 1039 , Quested S8 , Genelec 8250 , ATC SCM25
Console Digidesign Icon D-Command

Caparezza, Bungaro, Folkabbestia, Radiodervish, Faraualla, Orchestra Italiana Di Arpe, Pierdavide Carone (Amici 2009), Filippo Lattanzi, Roberto Ottaviano; Stefano Amerio (Enrico Rava, Manfred Eicher, 51st Grammy Awards Nominations); Carlo U. Rossi (Negrita, Baustelle, Caparezza, Subsonica); Emanuele Donnini (Elisa, Bungaro, Gianmaria Testa).

Control Room
Area 45 m2 Volume 200 m3
Reverberation time 0.25s @500Hz; 0.50s @63 Hz
The control room has a reflective front wall and is built according to the RFZ principle. Wall mounted Genelec 1039 monitors provide good sound pressure across the room, while the midfield system is configured in 5.1. The control room has a window with visuality on the live room and his aesthetics, which is particularly colorful, makes it a very welcoming environment to work.
Live Room
Area 114 m2 Volume 700 m3
Reverberation time 0.85s @500Hz; 1.2s @63Hz
The live room was made by the D'Attoma brothers (ebanists from many generations) using a very large quantity of valuable wood. Its lively and brilliant acoustics guarantee a lively, natural sound and pleasant for all orchestral recordings. There are also iso-booths where to make isolated recordings contemporary of those that take place in the hall.