Postproduction a/v Studio

JingleBell Communication


The 5.1 post-production, mix and sync a/v studio in via Legnano is the most prestigious studio of Jinglebell, historic leader among music production for advertising in Milan.

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Founded in 1981, Jinglebell has quickly become the most famous musical production company for advertising.

In 2010 we were called to study, correct and improve the acoustics of the studios of Via Legnano and Via Conca del Naviglio.

Accurate analysis has led us to propose to the client a complete redesign of the main studio in Legnano, the most prestigious of the company and working in 5.1. For the other studios, we made an optimized setup and a repositioning of speakers that, combined with another equalization action, has helped improve listening conditions.


Building and Project Management: Proaudio Consulting

Studio owner:

Location Milan, Italy
Audio Facility Postproduction a/v Studio
Rooms 5.1 Post-production studio
Audio System Genelec 1032 , Genelec 7070
Console Digidesign Icon D-Command

Vodafone, Activision, Samsung, FilmMaster, 1861United, Enfants Terribles, ITC Tools, Akita Film, GiorgioRisi, Virgin Music, MTV Italia, SKY, Nadler Larimer Martinelli, Wunderman, Bonsaininja, Zampe Diverse, BCube,Vivendi Universal Games, FX Interactive, MC2, DreamCatcher Europe, Power-Up, Leader, GMX, Halifax, Mindscape, Scanbox, Black Bean, Blue Label Entertainment, Ubisoft, Serif, Italsel, Pirelli, Sfera/Enel, IMP, SDL, Planet Nemo, Scanbox, Gertie, DeMas & Partners, DeAgostini, Hasbro, Microsoft, Cesim, Neoexpo, Europ Assistance, Garzanti, Editoriale Domus, Comieco, A.C.M.I.

5.1 Post-production studio
Area 23 m2 Volume 75 m3
Reverberation time 0.20s @ 500Hz; 0.34s @ 63Hz
The new project for Jingebell's studio at Via Legnano was based on the following improvements: replacement of the Genelec 8030 system with a Genelec 1032a system: the choice was made because of the possibility of placing the 1032 into a baffle and of the best quality of the speakers, which are still an important standard in audio production; complete replacement of the baffle and of the ceiling and creation of more powerful basstraps to avoid cancellations and stationary waves which are always present in this size environments; replacement of diffusers on the back with a QRD one; study of reverberation, return of the sound brilliance and of the sense of spatiality at the listening point, achieved thanks to a perforated wooden ceiling panel.