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Marco Borsatti Studio


Marco Borsatti’s new Dolby Atmos Music Studio, in the historic center of Bologna.

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The studio is called like his main Engineer, Marco Borsatti Studio and is based in the center of Bologna in Italy.

It is located on the ground floor of a beautiful historic building built in 1565.

It's curious for those who come to the studio to enter from such an ancient environment to the highly technological one of a control room. 

It is not a commercial studio, but his personal one, where he obviously collaborates with his assistants. Marco’s business is mainly based on mix mastering and Dolby Atmos mixes, so normally his clients look for him for his past works or credits.

The new studio opened in September 2023.


Building: Acusticarte

Owner and Sound Engineer:

Audio Facility Recording Studio
Audio System PMC 8_2 , PMC Result 6 , PMC 6_2
Console Avid Icon D-Control

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