Multimedia Conference Hall

Maria Theotokos Congress Center


Maria Theotokos Sanctuary Auditorium, located in the Focolare Movement Citadel in Loppiano (FI).

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The Congress Center of the International Citadel of Loppiano (Incisa in Val d'Arno - Florence) was inaugurated on 31/12/2006. It is included in the 'Maria Theotokos' designed complex by the Centro Ave studio.

The complex is divided into three main levels, of which the upper, emerging, is constituted by the diocesan Marian shrine dedicated to ‘Maria Theotókos'. The two lower levels, partially buried, host the conference structures.

Four rooms of different sizes are equipped with the latest facilities for video-conferencing, simultaneous translation, audio and lights, internet connection in optical fiber. These allow to perform more conferences simultaneously and to host more than 1,300 participants.

All rooms benefit from a central video projection system, amplification, Infrared translation up to 12 languages, video conferencing, and for the main room stage lights system with 60-channel mixer expandable if necessary. Rooms can be connected together to achieve common program sessions, and a CCTV system also connects the dressing rooms and the assembly rooms.

Alongside the conference rooms there are some more facilities, open spaces of welcome and reception, meeting rooms, press room, bar, meeting and relax points.

Fabrizio Giovannozzi made the acoustic consulting and designed the complex digital audio system that also provides for the possible presence of interpreters (the auditorium is also used as a conference room with simultaneous translation into 12 languages). Our correction covered the ceiling and turned out to be extremely functional for acoustics and aesthetically pleasing.


Architectural design: Centro Ave, Loppiano


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