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Maria Theotokos Sanctuary


Maria Theotokos Sanctuary, located in the complex of the Focolari Movement in Loppiano. The church is an integral part of a building complex which is spread over three levels and includes an auditorium and other multipurpose spaces.

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The new church was designed by the Center Ave studio based in Loppiano near Incisa Val d'Arno, FI.

Fabrizio Giovannozzi, as well as participating as a consultant to the phase of design of the church for acoustic correction, has designed and built in 2006 an ad hoc audio system that allows the execution of live music of high quality and has implemented it with an automatic microphone management system, calibrated for different situations (religious function, music, sound propagation outside the church) and a different number of listeners / faithful.

The church hosted with great success a RAI live tv of an important religious function in which there was live music, managed entirely by the system we designed.

Every function has high level musical interludes performed by local musicians or the Gen Rosso and Gen Verde focolarini groups (who also reside in theInternational Citadel of Loppiano). The good listening is possible thanks to a special ceiling treatment: interposed between the wooden beams is a plastered surface, able to follow the double curvature of the roof. The plaster material, soundless, like wood is porous and able to absorb, not to reject prayers.


Architectural design: Centro Ave


Location Loppiano, Florence, Italy
Architectural Acoustics Church, Worship Facility
Audio System JBL

Gen Rosso, Gen Verde

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Planimetria - Maria Theotokos Sanctuary