Recording Studio - Orchestral Hall

Marzi Recording Studio


A jazz music oriented recording studio in Riccione owned by Daniele Marzi

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The highlight of the studio is the recording room with its lively acoustics and the great amount of architectural details within a spacious and comfortable environment where thanks to 3 iso booth  musicians interplay is encouraged.

Daniele Marzi is an eclectic musician with a deep knowledge of jazz imaginary as it is reflected in his studio too.

For what concern the design process, in addition to typical but specific acoustic isolation and surfaces treatment, we've been focusing also on lights and windows design as well as surfaces colours and shapes in order to realize a neutral but warm place. Thus, our goal have been the realization of a modern, smart and welcoming environment able to be integrated and support jazz music philosophy and sensibility.

However, Daniele Marzi's Studio is well suited for any kind of music genre, altough jazz imaginery lead us to specific choices in terms of overall architectural atmpsphere to be achieved, which as for classical music production, is highly desirable as a further inspiring element.


Owner and resident engineer is:

Location Riccione (RN) – Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio - Orchestral Hall
Rooms Recording Rooms Control Room
Audio System Focal SM-9

Giulio Carmassi, Giacomo Uncini, Massimo Manzi, Fulvio Mennella, Simone Mularoni, Fabio Concato e Paolo Di Sabatino Trio, Pier Carlo Penta, Zucchero, Ross Cullum, Lorenzo Sebastiani, Tiziano Bianchi, Tiger Okoshi, Andres J. Marquèz, Landlord, Duo la Follia, Myo, Gabriele Mirabassi, Maurizio Giammarco, Luca Sirianni, Gattamolesta, No longer player, Miami & the Groovers, Roberto Rossi, Stefano Travaglini, Nobraino, Emiliano Bassi, Relendo Villa Lobos, Sinplus, Raffaele Stefani, ExtraLiscio, NicoNote, Luca Bergamini, Fiorenzo Tassinari, Tommaso Colliva

Recording Rooms
Area 50/8/4/4 m2 Volume 250/10/14/14 m3
Reverberation time 0.50/0.18/0.15/0.15s @500Hz; 0.90/0.35/0.30/0.30s @63Hz
The main environment is the 50 m2 recording room, linked by glass doors to 3 iso-booth, hence maximising musician interplay. This specific room acoustics is quite lively and diffuse thanks to lateral threaten and cylindrical canopy on the ceiling. Plenty of natural light enter from several windows and openings, creating a really comfortable environment.
Control Room
Area 35 m2 Volume 130 m3
Reverberation time 0.20s @500Hz; 0.38s @63 Hz
The Control Room follow a Non-Environment paradighm. On the reflective panel placed on the back of the ceiling two opening permit to a beautiful and natural light to enter the room, which generally is quite uncommon for such rooms