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Molok Studios


Molok is a multilingual game, movie & digital localization and post-production company based in Milan.

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They treat games and movies alike, ensuring that the dialogue for both media is always engaging, and they bring the same high level of engagement to a wide range of other digital products, unleashing the full power of words, sounds and moving images.

The combined strength of our team members offers the highest standards of translation, voice-over, sound production and video editing for all products for whichever audience you may want to reach. They work with AAA publishers, worldwide broadcasters and also help independent production companies and devs to bring their projects to a wider audience.

Many localization and multimedia companies around the world rely on them as a strong partner for Italian, French, German, Spanish, US English, Japanese, Chinese, LatAm and Brazilian Portuguese.


Building: MC2

Founder and CEO:

Audio Facility Recording Studio - Postproduction a/v Studio
Audio System Genelec 8340 , Genelec 8351B , Genelec 7380A