Multimedia Conference Hall

Opera del Duomo di Pisa


Acoustic and audio/video design for the new Auditorium of the Opera della Primaziale Pisana (O₽A) Museum.

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In collaboration with the Florence architectural firm Guicciardini and Magni, our collaborators for years, we have done the integrated project between acoustics, architecture and audio/video for the new Auditorium of the newly restored Museum of the Opera della Primaziale (Duomo Museum) .

The acoustic correction was made essentially using microperforated wooden panels, of which we have chosen the types and specific positioning in the room (in the photos you can see a continuous grid of panels, but they have substantial differences in perforation) and collaborated with the architects for final optimisation.

When you collaborate constructively with an architectural firm that understands the acoustic needs, you can find some solution with a perfect architectural integration.
Thanks to the acoustic correction and the audio system with digital steering that we have designed, the result in the room is excellent.


Architectural design by:

Location Pisa
Architectural Acoustics Multimedia Conference Hall
Audio System Tannoy QFLex