Recording Studio

Powersound Studio


Recording studio of Fabrizio Biscontri in Roselle, 5 km from Grosseto. Inserted in a rural setting immersed in the heart of the Maremma park, in Tuscany, much appreciated by those seeking relax and inspiration.

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The studio was built with great patience and meticulousness by its owner Fabrizio Biscontri in collaboration with Cristian Dima and Valerio Pasquini. It is a small but very comfortable and warm environment that sounds so "open". The studio consists of a control room, two live rooms and a fourth room, which is used as a relax area. The latter is also wired with the control room and can be used as the third live room. The large visual field in the rooms facilitates artists during collective sessions.
The wide field of view through the rooms facilitates artists during collective sessions.


Owner and resident engineer:

Location Grosseto, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Rooms Control Room Live Rooms

Giulio Stracciati, Gianluca Becuzzi, Kinetix, Marco Caudai, Ellade Bandini, Jemek Jemowitt, Aris, Noise Trade Company, Gianluca Capitani, Massimo Moriconi, TIQ, Net Gen Skeptic, Nico Gori, Gianluca D’Alessio, Lorenzo Forti, Sneers

Control Room
Area 12 m2 Volume 26.8 m3
Reverberation time 0.15s @500Hz; 0.30s @63Hz
An analog console TLAudio and Prootools handle the Hard Disk Recording system. The Control Room is equipped with analog outboards, such as valve preamps and a wide choice of microphones.
Live Rooms
Area 22.3/12/3.4 m2 Volume 46.7/30/9 m3
Reverberation time 0.25/0.15/0.10s @500Hz
Mobile sound absorbing panels, Schroeder diffusers, Poly and Skyline diffusers, optimize the acoustics of the environments. Also available are various models of Fender and Gibson guitars, analog Synth, Amplifiers.