Recording Studio

Presslab Records


Multipurpose recording studio near the exit of the Arezzo highway. Control room with PMC BB5-XBD listening system.

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Presslab Recordings Studio opens in November 2008. It is an electronic music label born in the '90s that has made good fortune in Dance genres. Presslab Recordings is aimed at young people who intend to take the lead in productions, a team of professionals follow the customer for every need. 
The areas where Presslab Recordings operates are various: music, photography, video, consultancy in the field of copyright, design.
The Association Presslab Social takes care of training within its 350 sqm facility, it organizes courses on the major media platforms for music, graphics and video.


Owner and label manager:

Location San Zeno, Arezzo Area, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Rooms Control Room Live Rooms
Audio System Genelec 1030 , Genelec 1032 , PMC TB2 , PMC BB5-XBD , Yamaha NS-10 , KRK Krok

Paolo Benvegnù, Negrita, Satoshi Tomiie, Steve Lawler, Nick Warren

Control Room
Area 35 m2 Volume 110 m3
Reverberation time 0.20s @ 500Hz; 0.30s @ 63Hz
The control room has a truly important main listening system: PMC BB5-XBD. As nearfield the structure can have multiple solutions, KRK, Genelec and Yamaha. It is based on Pro tools HD, it is equipped with class A preamps (Amek, Ati, Soundcraft), Apogee AD / DA16x converters with BigBenClock + Digidesign 192/96/888, analogue summers ATI and SSL Super Analogue + SSL Black EQ stereo + API 2500 Master Buss Compressor. There is also a 25m² control room B, good for editing, previewing, or recording individual voices and instruments.
Live Rooms
Area 24 / 7 m2 Volume 75 / 21 m3
The live room has a very lively and brilliant acoustics with good diffusion, it is excellent for acoustic ensamble recordings with audio and video connections with the Control Room A, the Control Room B and the Isobooth. The studio has a huge amount of acoustic, electric and electronic musical instruments, with a large collection of vintage equipment, very popular with musicians.