Postproduction a/v Studio

Radio Toscana


Renovation of the radio studios of Radio Toscana in via de 'Pucci in Florence. A historic Florentine radio heard throughout Tuscany.

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The Studio Sound Service project involved the acoustic correction of the live room, the design of an acoustic table for the control room and an important upgrade of the hardware (a new Studer mixer, complete with dynamic processors and suitable for this context and a new Orban processor).

According to all radio speakers, though not changing the microphone, the result has substantially improved.


The resident speakers is:

Audio Facility Postproduction a/v Studio
Rooms Radio Studio
Audio System Genelec 8030
Console Studer

Alessandro Masti, Jonathan Mensi, Gabriele Giustri, Francesco Barilli, Andrea Bigalli, Massimiliano Simoncini, Chiara Macinai, Leonardo Canestrelli

Radio Studio
Area 10 m2 Volume 27 m3
Reverberation time 0.13s @ 500Hz
The studio was acoustically treated on all surfaces. The console table was also covered with sound absorbing material to minimize reflections. Under the table, to optimize spaces, bass traps have been inserted to make sound even more neutral across the whole spectrum.