Recording Studio

Ronny (Aglietti) Studio


Ronny Studio is the studio of Ronny Aglietti, bassist and right arm of Alessandra Amoroso located in a beautiful Tuscan scenery near Monte San Savino.

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Ronny's studio is a place where you can write, compose, arrange and then record and, if necessary, finalise your ideas and music projects.

As more and more often, personal studios have become the real "offices" for modern musicians, especially those who, like Ronny Aglietti, are not only good performers but also producers, arrangers and sound engineers.

In this studio, many musical ideas you can find in the LPs of the famous artists Ronny works with form. Here also many new emerging artists albums are produced by Ronny itself.



Building and Project Management: Proaudio Consulting

Owner, producer, arranger and resident engineer:

Location Monte San Savino, Arezzo, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Audio System Genelec 1038 , Genelec 8351A

LunaPop, Max De Angelis, Noemi (Veronica Scopelliti), Fiorella Mannoia, Marco Masini, Gianni Morandi, Francesca Michelin e Bianca Atzei (Veronica Atzei)