Recording Studio - DJ Studio



The new studio near Milan by Maxx Monopoli, producer of the growing international Hard Dance scene.

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The new Studio A of SonicFab was born on the ashes of the first Sonic Solution Entertainment studio, where in the last 20 years Maxx Monopoli has established itself as a producer and mixing & mastering engineer for the world of the growing international Hard Dance scene.


Owner, producer, mixing & mastering engineer:

Location Pioltello (Milan)
Audio Facility Recording Studio - DJ Studio
Rooms Studio A
Audio System Yamaha NS-10 , Genelec 7380A , Genelec 1234A , Audeze LCD-3
Console SSL Matrix
Studio A
Area 28 m2 Volume 85 m3
Reverberation time 0.19s @500Hz; 0.35s @63 Hz
The new Studio A is a small masterpiece of acoustics and design. The project was developed from scratch around the incredible Genelec 1234A, in order to achieve an acoustic performance beyond expectations, rarely found in studios dedicated to mixing and mastering electronic and dance music. The heart of the studio is the SSL Matrix console, by far the best solution to manage the needs and complex audio flows of a hybrid production and mix environment, where the new digital production workflows are perfectly integrated with top-quality analog outboards, for a quality result without any compromise.