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Alessio Pangos's Sonicstudio is a recording studio entirely based on Linux and open-source softwares. It is located in the historic center of Pontassieve (FI).

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Sonicstudio in Pontassieve is a small recording studio owned by Alessio Pangos based entirely on Linux. The studio consists of two environments, one control room and another live room.

The prerogative of Sonicstudio and Alessio Pangos is just to work with linux and open-source software.


Owner and resident engineer:

Location Pontassieve, Florence, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Rooms The rooms
Audio System Yamaha HS80M

Franco Baggiani, King of the Opera, Passogigante

The rooms
Area 50 m2 Volume 150 m3
The control room acoustic design is the LEDE (Live End Dead End) with absorbing front wall and the back wall that creates acoustic diffusion thanks to the skyline diffusers. The concept of the live room is to create a simple diffusion-absorbing system by means of an alternating checkerboard of reflective wood panels and absorbent polyester fiber panels covered with flame retardant fabric (completely non-toxic and antiallergic), and 2 wooden skyline diffusers, to get a lively, but always controlled and homogeneous sound.