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Sounds Like Studio


Sounds Like Studio is a multi-functional structure for dubbing and voice-over

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Born from an idea by Gherardo Chelazzi - young sound editor with important experiences and collaborations in the field of radio, television and film - Sounds Like Studio records commercials, audio guides and audiobooks, tour guides and any type of sound effect and mixing. The studio has a recording room for vocalists, speakers and musicians and a control room for monitoring, production and post-production.


Owner and resident engineer:

Location Florence
Audio Facility Recording Studio - Postproduction a/v Studio - Dubbing Room
Rooms Control Room Recording Room
Audio System Genelec 8340
Control Room
Area 20 m2 Volume 50 m3
Reverberation time 0.18s @ 500 Hz
Room of about 20 m2 with linear frequency broadband response and precise listening.
Recording Room
Area 10 m2 Volume 25 m3
Reverberation time 0.16s @ 500Hz
Dry room designed primarily as a vocal booth, but with acoustics that also lends itself to the recording of many musical instruments.