Recording Studio

Studi Magnitudo


A studio near Pisa that is a reference point for rock in Tuscany.

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The structure is located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside just minutes from the center of Pisa, in a beautiful and silent natural setting that ensures a peaceful stay in the delicate stages of production.

Also available: a large rehearsal room of over 50 square meters, an equipped kitchen and every other type of comfort.

A comfortable bed 'n' breakfast, a few meters from the studio and the center of Pisa, will be happy to welcome you for your overnight stay at special prices.


Owner and resident engineer:

Location Ghezzano (Pisa)
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Audio System KRK S10 , Genelec 1238CF , Genelec 7270a , KRK VXT4 , KRK V8
Console Studer 963

RHumornero, Eldritch, Node, Tossic