Recording Studio

Studio Volta Recordings


Simone Fedi's recording studio and production studio, two steps from Florence. Wide live room, great analogue and vintage equipment.

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After some experience as a producer and sound designer, Simone Fedi needed to create a space that could bring together and facilitates all the music production processes - from composition and arrangement to multitrack recording and editing to mixing and mastering.

Studio Volta Recordings is exactly this, a space where you can accurately, efficiently and quickly produce any type of audio production from A to Z. In addition, thanks to its wide Live Room, the studio is also suitable for audio and video recordings of live bands or individual musicians, for the creation of albums, video clips or promotional videos.


Owner, resident engineer and label manager:

Location Montemurlo, Prato, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Rooms Control Room Live Rooms
Audio System Yamaha NS-10 , Genelec 1037 , Yamaha NS-1000
Console Soundcraft 3200

DJ Maxim, Tv Prato, Andrew Hares, Davide Friello, Cucina Sonora,  Frank Dd & Friends, Paoletti Guitars, Supa Plastic, Duo Ammatte, Out of City, Devid, Jolly Rox

Control Room
Area 23 m2 Volume 80 m3
Reverberation time 0.18s @500Hz; 0.31s @63Hz
The Control Room is 23 m² and is equipped with a Soundcraft 3200, a Pro Tools HD system and Genelec 1037 main monitor system (at about 1.9 m from the listening point) and a pair of Yamaha NS10. The control room design is based on a hybridization of the LEDE system (with absorbent front and back with acoustic diffusion with solid wood skylines) and Non-Environment (with a very deep absorption on the back wall to contain the effect of longitudinal stationary waves). The prerogative of the control room is that with this design we can get a very homogeneous response of the low frequencies in space. Using all the available space, this room is very versatile and functional for production and not just for recording and mixing.
Live Rooms
Area 23 / 5 m2 Volume 80 / 18 m3
Reverberation time 0.23 / 015s @500Hz; 0.36 / 0.30s @63Hz
The live room has a maximum height of almost 5 meters and has a very lively acoustics, guaranteed by the presence of cylindrical diffusers on the ceiling and of other diffusers on the walls (slats and cusp diffusers). The acoustic field, while natural, does not have flutter-echoes because all surfaces create sound diffusion, and does not even have substantial low-frequency resonances for the presence of bass trap and of a lot of absorbing material within the acoustic treatment devices.