Recording Studio - Orchestral Hall



Recording studio with an orchestral live room, big monitor control room with analog console and tape recorders, in the heart of the countryside in the Province of Lecce.

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SUDESTUDIO is one of the most popular audio production realities in Southern Italy. We have been at the heart of independent and alternative music for over 15 years and have worked with a huge number of artists and record labels, producers and managers.
In the last years many of the works of this studio have been released by notorious independent labels and some majors, receiving a worldwide distribution, and have been positively reviewed by several music magazines.
The Staff at SUDESTUDIO is qualified and has more than 10 years experience in the field. The people, our cutting-edge equipment, the acoustic characteristics of our facilities together with the versatility and space of the live rooms guarantee the best working conditions for any kind of project.


Architectural design and work direction: Marco Patruno

Owner and resident engineer:

Location Guagnano, Lecce, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio - Orchestral Hall
Rooms Control Room A Control Room B Orchestral Live Room
Audio System Dynaudio BM15 , Dynaudio M3a
Console Amek Mozart

Echopark, The Gentlemen's Agreement, Elius Inferno & The Magic Octagram, Bowa, Mai Personal Mood, Congo Rock, Giorgio Tuma, Laetitia Sadier, Populous, Life & Limb, Delta Club, Wemen, Girl with the Gun, Matilde Davoli, Lena Karlsson, Michael Andrews, Lori Cullen, Susanna K.Wallumrød, Young Dreams, Ninos du Brasil, Little Tornados, Mama Marjas, Anja Elena Viken, Mad Boxes, Erlend Øye, Graham "Suggs" McPherson, Mery Fiore, Rosalia De Souza, Many Loves Ska Jazz, Flowers or Razorwire, Jolly Mare, Enrico Gabrielli, Dente, Il Genio, Roy Paci & Aretuska, Shantel, Boom Da Bash, Fedez feat Boom Da Bash, Sud Sound System, Treble Lu Professore, Mylious Johnson, Martin Cockerham, Dola J. Chaplin, Thee Elephant, Veeblefetzer & The Manigolds, Torakiki, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, Takabum, North Sentinel, Thousands Millions, Studiodavoli, Indian Wells, Pete Ross & The Sapphire, Bunda Move, Emma Marrone, Oh Petroleum, Sinner, Carolina Bubbico, Irene Scardia, Emanuele Coluccia, Luca Alemanno, Amerigo Verardi & Marco Ancona, Combass, Alison Valentine, 2D Noize, Giuliano Dottori, Lucia Manca, Sunward, Spread Your Legs, The Slips, Superpartner, Belintesta, Alessandra Amoroso, Shank, Cast Thy Eyes, Psycho Sun, Iroi, Tobia Lamare & The Sellers, NitroJuice, Kulledge, A Testa Bassa, Erpice, Manigold Quartet, Claudio Prima, Bandadriatica, The Drastics, Mini VIP, Ripidi, MUFFX, Cesare Dell'Anna, Andrea Mogavero, Giancarlo Dell'Anna, Mauro Tre, Maurizio Petrelli, Violle, Tatase From Behind, Iridio, Non Toccate Miranda, Silvered, Dannazione, Hobophobic, Clinicamente Morti, Cucuwawa, I Misteri del Sonno, Vento di Fronda, La Teoria dei Giochi, Hinokies, 20 Miles to Mother, June and the Well, Original Salento Tarantae, Dolcemente, Ascimu, Salvatore Casaluce, Rachele Andrioli, Sofia Brunetta, I Calamari, Always Later, Tony Sentinella, Karma in Auge, Nadan, Dario Congedo, Valerio Daniele, Leitmotiv, Lenula, Bambini Latini, Vodoo Jam, Antonio Torsello, Uro, Institut, Tranceformation Quartet, Shotgun Babies, Ippolito Chiarello, Ingraved, Eikasia, Kërkim, Bija, Iron Mask, Shanà Tovà, Giovane Orchestra del Salento, Non Giovanni, Teatrini di Escher, Francesco Spedicato, IZŌ, DSW, Souls Become Vultures, Nagasaki Nightmare, Il Grande Capo, Ginkgo Dawn Shock, Mute Terre, Bistouries, A Morte l'Amore, Il Peccato di Eva, Milo Scaglioni, Istmo, Elius Inferno & the Magic Octagram, Noon

Control Room A
Area 40 m2 Volume 150 m3
Reverberation time 0.25s @500Hz; 0.42s @63 Hz
Control Room A has a surface of 40m2 and is equipped with a Amek frame Mozart series with Rupert Neve, 48 inputs, 24 bus, 8 groups, 16 aux.
Control Room B
Area 30 m2 Volume 100 m3
Reverberation time 0.19s @ 500Hz; 0.32s @ 63Hz
Control Room B has a surface of 30m2, is equipped with a Mackie 32/8/2 and is totally connected to Control Room A. This studio is also used as drum/vocal room, for re-amping or for simultaneous recordings with LIVE ROOM.
Orchestral Live Room
Area 109 m2 Volume 582 m3
Reverberation time 0.80s @500Hz; 1.10s @63 Hz
The orchestral Live Room has a height of 6m and can host up to 60 musicians. It's equipped with drum boot and vocal boot. Floating and automated ceiling for variable early refections.