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Tube Recording Studio


Tube Recording Studio is located in a wonderful place, only 40 minutes from Rome. Connected to the Fara Music Festival, it is the perfect studio for jazz music.

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The studio design project started in 2007 in collaboration with the famous Fara Music Festival.

The Studio is located within a structure of over 100 square meters. The heart of the control room is a legendary Solid State Logic SSL4000 model 4048E / G, 48 channels.

In addition to the A  live room (hosting a Yamaha C7 Gran Piano) and a first Iso Booth, in 2018 a large Stone Room and three new Isobooths were opened.


The Studio owner is Enrico Moccia and it's linked to the famous jazz festival and music school:

Location Fara in Sabina, Rieti, Italy
Audio Facility Recording Studio
Rooms Miles Room Control Room Live Room Iso Booths
Audio System Yamaha NS-10 , Genelec 8040 , Adam S3X-V
Console SSL 4000

Jonathan Kreisberg, Fabio Zeppetella, Alessandro Stellano, Leonardo Radicchi, Michael Rosen, Hard Chords Trio, Fabio Giachino, Arturo Stalteri, Matt Penmann, Toni Esposito, Roberto Colombo, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Antonella Ruggiero, Alfredo Paixao, Max Ionata, Greg Hutchinson, Aaron Goldberg, Unicam Michael Rosen, Filippo Cosentino.

Miles Room
Area 35 m2 Volume 110 m3
Reverberation time 0.50s @ 500 Hz
The "Miles Room" is the new Stone Room. It is spacious and high and it was created to record drums. The stone front wall and the wood-shaped ceiling make the room acoustically rich. Even in the "Miles Room" three great windows guarantee a “live” feeling to the musicians involved in the recording session.
Control Room
Area 27 m2 Volume 85 m3
Reverberation time 0.18s @500Hz; 0.36s @63Hz
The control room is medium in size and has a great variety of speakers (Yamaha NS-10, Adam S3X-V, Genelec 8040). Well-equipped with various types of outboard, its pulsating heart is the historic SSL 4048E / G console, 48 channels. It is a very comfortable room to record, but also to produce your own music: great view to the live room.
Live Room
Area 40 m2 Volume 120 m3
Reverberation time 0.30s @ 500Hz
The larger live room is a 40 sq.m. space with natural lighting (glass door leading to the courtyard). It has excellent visibility from the control room and a slightly oblong shape useful for dividing it into two zones for simultaneous recording of multiple instruments.
Iso Booths
Area 10 / 5 / 6 m2 Volume 28 / 14 / 17 m3
Reverberation time 0.18/0.16/0.15s @ 500Hz
The Jaco's Room is linked to the Miles Room and is perfect for recording acoustic instruments. It is used for double basses in such a way that the rhythm between the two rooms is well connected from the visual point of view. Also in this case the height of the hall makes the room acoustically bright. Django's Room is the smallest. Connected to the "Jaco's Room", it is mainly used for guitars. Ella's Room is part of the original studio block. It communicates with the Control Room and, through the Video signal, with the other four recording rooms. In addition to the voices, it is often used for wind instruments and for double basses.