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An old wine cellar in Siena is home to one of the most active Jazz clubs in the Tuscany area.

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unTUBO is located in the historic center of Siena, in a characteristic place with typical local architecture, characterised by the vaulted brick ceiling.

Thanks also to the artistic partner Siena Jazz Foundation, unTUBO hosts concerts of the highest level and attracts musicians from all over Italy.

To allow a proper performance of these events, we had to intervene with an insulation system that would protect the nearby street and homes. A preliminary phonometric study allowed us to identify weaknesses and fixtures to be treated.

The most important part of the acoustic design was done inside: we have designed an acoustic treatment that would integrate itself as much as possible with the natural aesthetics of the environment.

A specific perforated wooden device controls low frequencies and dampens reverberation; the correction of the vault prevents its concavity to focus the sound in concentrated point; a QRD diffuser on the back of the stage spreads the sound hemispherically making it more alive and brilliant in the whole space.


Achitectural design: Marco Pignattai


Location Siena, Italy
Architectural Acoustics Club, Live Music - Hotel, Restaurant, Café
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