Acoustic Measurements

Studio Sound Service professionals are competent and equipped to carry out any type of sound level measurement for building, environmental, industrial and architectural acoustics.

Expert reports by law nowadays are essential to certify a large number of situations.
Making noise and sound level measurements entails a great responsibility, even legal, since rules governing these practices are now recognized at all institutional levels, management and administrative.

Studio Sound Service professionals are Chartered Acoustician of the Region Tuscany - professional established by 26th October 1995 Law n. 447 art. 2, paragraphs 6 and 7, as the appropriate figure able to carry out measurements, monitoring and remediation of noise pollution in external and living environment.
Donato Masci is a Court-appointed Expert of the Court of Florence (#9813) and a Licensed Surveyor and Expert of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence (#1230), Italy.

We are also able to verify and test any kind of electroacoustic plant (music, EVAC-safety).

Phonometric surveys are carried out with appropriate measuring instruments and specific data acquisition software. Measurements also allow us to study rooms acoustic properties in order to get accurate analysis of initial conditions of a room to be treated. Repeating the post-construction survey allows us to assess of the acoustic correction effects thanks to a final test.

Studio Sound Service

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