Acoustic modeling and simulation

We own softwares for acoustic fields simulation, for insulation and sound absorption forecast and FEM analysis. A great help for a more accurate and reliable design.

Acoustic CAD simulations

Since more than a decade, computer simulations of acoustic field is widely used in the design of spaces acoustically efficient. 
The goal of acoustic CAD simulations is to develop an extremely detailed scenario of a space subject to acoustic strains; this process allows us to obtain a sort of “picture” of the room, which enables forecasting, studying and clarifying rooms acoustic problems.  

We use EASE by AFMG, one of the most adopted worldwide and the most updated in terms of loudspeakers’ database, which bases its analysis on acoustic geometrics and statistical methods. Algorithms used by the software are a combination of image-source methods and ray-tracing techniques.

EASE uses several techniques to evaluate acoustic and electroacoustic properties of a space because it applies a hybrid numerical method and produces different kinds of simulations, predictions and acoustic analysis. This process allows an accurate definition of the problem because it takes into account the characteristics either of the space (geometry ad materials) or of sources (actually it is possible to simulate emissions very similar to reality, even the loudspeakers’ ones included).
EASE is also the standard for electroacoustics and for EVAC systems. 

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Sound insulation predictions

In order to simulate sound insulation performances of complex partitions we use Insul by Marshall Day Acoustics and SoundFlow by AFMG.

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Diffusion predictions

Thanks to the software Reflex by AFMG we can simulate diffusion and audio scattering.

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FEM analysis

The FEM simulation is very useful for the low frequencies analysis, especially for small and medium rooms. Thanks to this software we can predict the behaviour of standing waves and to optimise the acoustic treatment to be inserted to minimise them.

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