Acoustic treatment

Acoustic treatment allows to reach good listening conditions which are essential in any environment: theaters, cinemas, restaurants, offices, gyms, arenas...

The architectural acoustics is the science that studies the soundfield indoors or in the presence of objects capable of causing significant effects of absorption and reflection.
The acoustics of a room is determined by its geometry, by materials that cover its surfaces and by a multiplicity of other small factors which confer unique characteristics to each room.
Closed rooms, in the presence of a sound source, act like real "sounding boards", emphasizing or deleting certain frequencies, so that "color" the emitted sound.
It is easy to hear the effect of “rumbling" in no furnished rooms, or the  very large rooms “reverberation". They are all phenomena that negatively impact on speech intelligibility and on music listening quality.
The reverberation control is not only necessary in music or conference halls, but it is essential for any activity. Are quite common the cases of bars and restaurants where conversation is impossible. The same thing often happens in sports halls and swimming pools. 

4.? Riga 1.8 EASE render metà 2.pngThe term "acoustic treatment" identifies a set of treatments which are designed ad hoc for a specific hall and which allow to optimize its sound field, taking into account its specific intended use (halls for acoustic or amplified music, for speech, for sports etc).
Acoustic treatment design leads to the choice of specific materials, of their amounts and of the right position to place them: all these parameters affect substantially on the acoustic properties of the treatment and, then, on the final result.

In order to obtain accurate and precise predictions, we use softwares which are able to simulate absorption coefficients, reflection and sound diffusion of each material to be inserted or of already present materials. We also carry out studies of geometrical acoustics.


For large and complex halls, we make use of the acoustic CAD software which uses the ray tracing technique and which can provide a "sound picture" of the room conditions.

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