Dolby Certified Service Partner

Consulting and design services for spaces with Dolby specifications

We have been collaborating with Dolby for several years for the design of professional spaces such as post-production studios and cinema mix rooms.

The studios designed for Fox Network Group in Italy (2017-2018) were the first in Europe to be certified Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment.

In July 2021 the Dolby Atmos Music program was launched in Italy which we followed and supported with a Webinar dedicated to professionals and bringing 17 studios (most of which designed by us) in less than a year to commissioning and to the official listing.

Our company, in addition to being specialized in the design of rooms intended for multi-channel listening, in 2022 became an important reference in the industry for all issues related to Dolby Atmos for Home Entertainment and Music, thanks also to the collaboration with Percorsi Audio for training and, in particular, with the technician and trainer Fausto Demetrio who supported us for commissioning and technical support.

In 2022 Studio Sound Service became one of the three companies in the world to be Dolby Certified Service Partner, offering services, consultancy and support in Italy and abroad, using Dolby quality standards.

In Italy, on an exclusive basis, we take care of all the official listings for Dolby Atmos Music and we continue our activity of designing environments for audio production and playback in Dolby Atmos.

Furthermore, we continue to collaborate with Marco Stefani who remains the reference point for the certification of Dolby Theatrical in Cinema.

Studio Sound Service

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