Recording studio design (a/v facilities)

Studio Sound Service signed the acoustics of more than 300 reocrding, mastering and audio production studios

Studio Sound Service designs professional facilities where critical listening and optimized vision are necessary for musical production, television, radio, film. Radio, television and broadcast studios, mix cinema and TV halls, dub rooms, audio-video post-production rooms, Dolby® certified facilities.

To design such environments we make a preliminary analysis of available spaces we determine their division based on the intended use and the customer demand. It Then we continue by studying the sound insulation needs of the individual rooms (between room and room, between inside and outside), if necessary; then we determine the placement of speakers and listening points. Follows the acoustic optimization of each room through the balanced use of absorption and scattering devices. soundproof doors and windows are designed and placed. 

If the facility requires the integration of audio and video, the workstations are suitably defined by taking care of screens, speakers and such. 

Our services include counseling for the choice of audio systems and guidance on the implementation of appropriate electrical systems, silenced ventilation, wiring.

The facilities we design:

  • Home and project studios, small and medium size, for musicians and producers, with near-field listening (where you can make your own work or that by others) and small recording rooms, iso-booths and vocal-booths;
  • recording studios consisting of control rooms (with various types of design, LEDE, RFZ and Non-environment, and flush-mounted speakers or on stands) and various sized recording rooms where an audio(video) production can be followed from 'start to finish in a professional manner;
  • mastering rooms, typical for different listening systems and for specific acoustic conditions suitable for this type of activity.
  • A/V postproduction (multichannel) room;
  • dubbing rooms;
  • Dolby certified mixing theatres.

We designed some of the very few orchestral recording studios in Italy (more than 100 sq m).

 We recommend to take advice from the first steps of planning to get support during the selection of facilities (finding premises with correct sizes and height is very important) and the distribution of space.

Studio Sound Service

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