Sound System acoustic design and testing

We design audio systems for music and speech, for professional or amateur use, we set them up and test them.

Choosing an audio system is not as simple as you may think. The most powerful and advanced audio system in the world could give poor results if installed wrong or in the wrong room.
Many factors have to be considered: theĀ  individual speaker performance, the interaction between multiple speakers and between room and speakers, the speakers directivity and directionality, the intended use of the room.
For all these reasons, it is often difficult to know a priori which is the best system for a precise situation. It often happens that people spend thousands of euros to buy audio systems because vendors or installers convince them to do that but then they realize (too late!) they have spent lots of money in vain. Unfortunately it happens not only with poor systems: this often occurs also with high quality speakers. Therefore the risk is to buy excellent audio systems and then to make them operate at the minimum of their potential, resulting in very poor listening conditions.

Our design in steps

First of all, we proceed with a phonometric measurement aimed to analyze the acoustic conditions of the room.
Then we use the obtained data to prepare the second step: the construction of the Cad acoustic 3d model which reproduces the environment with its exact properties, those obtained with the first phase. The software allows us to insert into the 3d model the audio system which we want to simulate. This allows us to examine different systems with different mounting configurations, in order to choose the most suitable one and to determine the most suitable position.
The final stage is the test: repeating the photometric measurements, certify the achievement of the expected performance.

Studio Sound Service

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