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Auditorium Opera del Duomo di Pisa

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What we do

Studio Sound Service is an acoustic design and consultancy firm, located in Florence, Italy.

Since 1983 we design rooms for music and audio/video production. We deal with every area of acoustics and electroacoustics, we handle music and cultural industry, constructions, offices and industrial fields.

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Featured Projects

Audio Facility - Postproduction a/v Studio,Cinema Mixing Theatre
Cinecittà, Sala A
Roberto Casula
Location Roma
Audio System Meyersound
Console Avid S6
Acoustic and audio/video design for the new Auditorium of the Opera della Primaziale Pisana (O₽A) Museum.
Architectural Acoustics - Multimedia Conference Hall
Opera del Duomo di Pisa
Guicciardini & Magni
Location Pisa
Audio System Tannoy QFLex
Audio Facility - Postproduction a/v Studio,Dubbing Room
Fox Networks Group Italy
FOX Network Group
Location Piazza San Silvestro, Roma
Audio System Genelec 8341, Genelec 8331, Genelec 7380A
Console Avid Pro Tools S3
Renovation project of the famous Sala B of the RAI studios in via Asiago
Audio Facility - Postproduction a/v Studio,Theatre, Concert Hall
RAI, Via Asiago Sala B
Location Roma
Audio System JBL
Audio Facility - Recording Studio
Waves Music
Luca Cherchi, Francesco Torre
Location Genoa
Audio System Genelec 1238CF, Genelec 7380A
Console SSL XL-Desk
Giorgia Angiuli’s personal studio where her electro-techno-house experimentation come from.
Audio Facility - Recording Studio,DJ Studio
Giorgia Angiuli's Studio
Audio System Genelec 8341
Audio Facility - Recording Studio,DJ Studio
Monk Studio
Damian Lazarus
Location Tuscany
Audio System ATC SCM45
Tube Recording Studio is located in a wonderful place, only 40 minutes from Rome. Connected to the Fara Music Festival, it is the perfect studio for jazz music.
Audio Facility - Recording Studio
Tube Recording Studio
Fara Music Festival
Location Fara in Sabina, Rieti, Italy
Audio System Yamaha NS-10, Genelec 8040, Adam S3X-V
Console SSL 4000
Audio Facility - Recording Studio,DJ Studio
Experimental Studios
Riccardo Mazza
Location Turin, Italy
Audio System Adam S2V, Genelec 1237a, Genelec 7380A
Console SSL Matrix
A 300,000 m3 ice rink and an acoustic correction made with over 2700 panels suspended 40 meters above the ground.
Architectural Acoustics - Sport Facility
Barys Arena
Mabco Constructions SA
Location Astana, Kazakhstan
Audio System Electrovoice
Audio Facility - Recording Studio
Platinum Studio
Diego Calvetti
Location San Gimignano, Siena, Italy
Audio System Genelec 7271a, Genelec 8260a, B&W
Console SSL Nucleus
A jazz music oriented recording studio in Riccione owned by Daniele Marzi
Audio Facility - Recording Studio,Orchestral Hall
Marzi Recording Studio
Daniele Marzi
Location Riccione (RN) – Italy
Audio System Focal SM-9
Audio Facility - Postproduction a/v Studio,Cinema Mixing Theatre
Mirko Perri
Location Rome,
Audio System JBL
Console Digidesign Icon D-Command
Integrated design between Acoustics, Architecture and Audio/Video for the Fmts headquarters in Pontecagnano Faiano (SA)
Architectural Acoustics - Multimedia Conference Hall,Hotel, Restaurant, Café,Corporate, Office
Sabrina Masala
Location Pontecagnano (SA)
Audio System Tannoy VX12Q
Audio Facility - Recording Studio,Mastering Studio
Aemme Recording Studio
Salvatore Addeo
Location Lecco - Lake Como
Audio System Genelec 1038B, B&W Nautilus 802
Console SSL 4000
Studio 8 by Pino Iodice in Rome
Audio Facility - Recording Studio
Studio 8
Pino Iodice
Location Roma
Audio System Yamaha NS-10, Genelec 1031
Audio Facility - Postproduction a/v Studio,Cinema Mixing Theatre
Location Roma
Audio System JBL 3722
Console Avid S6
Mulinetti Recording Studio is the 2.0 release of a memorable studio by Alberto Parodi, who has a long list of collaborations such as: Moody Blues, Renato Zero, Eric Clapton, Angelo Branduardi, Spice Girls,Tiziano Ferro, Julian Lennon, Ivano Fossati, John Mc Lauglin, Eros Ramazzotti, M People, Francesco De Gregori, Simon Climie, Max Pezzali, Cher, Gianna Nannini, Peter Greenaway, Alessandra Amoroso, Roger Hodgson, Mario Biondi, Sting, Fabrizio De Andrè.
Audio Facility - Recording Studio
Alberto Parodi
Location Genoa, Italy
Audio System ATC SCM20, ATC SCM01-12 sub, Genelec 8351A, Genelec 8030, ATC SCM50, Dynaudio BM5A mkII, Genelec 7050
Audio Facility - Postproduction a/v Studio,Dubbing Room
Fox International Channels, DE
Fox International Channels
Location München, Germany
Audio System Genelec 7270a, Genelec 8351A
Console Avid Pro Tools S3
On April 14, 2012 the church of the new San Gerardo hospital in Monza - designed by the architect Edrisio Bruletti - was inaugurated. As soon as the concrete structure was built, strong reverberation and resonance problems appeared deriving from the particular geometry of the room. Therefore, we intervened with an acoustic treatment proposal, flanked by Mauro Lavazza of Leading Technologies - for electric sound system - and the GGP Sound Alberto Ferraris for the installation of the sound absorbing false dome.
Architectural Acoustics - Church, Worship Facility
Church of San Gerardo hospital
Ospedale di Monza
Audio System JBL CBT100
Audio Facility - Recording Studio
Marco Masini
Marco Masini
Location Tavarnuzze (Florence)
Audio System Genelec 7370a, Yamaha NS-10, Genelec 1030
Personal studio of the great Renato Zero close to his residence in Rome, Italy.
Audio Facility - Recording Studio
Renato Zero
Renato Zero
Audio System Genelec 7271a, Genelec 1238a
Console SSL Duality

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