SIEC Association

Starting from November 2019, Studio Sound Service became associated with SIEC (System Integration Experience Community), the Italian national association of systems integration.

In fact, SSS is the first engineering company operating in acoustics and in the audio/video industry to join this association. The step was natural after a series of collaborations for training courses and for participating in the new regulation related to the UNI/PdR 4: 2013 Practice of Reference, which is in the final phase and of which we are all very proud.

From the SIEC website: 

"We are delighted to welcome Studio Sound Service, an acoustic design and consultancy firm located in Florence.

SIEC has always supported the activity of Audio / Video designers and supports their category.

The design is the starting point of the process of making an Audio / Video system, and not only is it a guarantee of quality for the customer, but a reference point for all System Integrators operating in the sector. With the design you draw a clear image of the final result to be obtained, and you define the path that allows you to achieve it: it is therefore evident how this process influences the working method of the supplements, who must see it as an opportunity to generate value and make quality.

Starting from the detection of the acoustic characteristics of the rooms, the acoustic design allows to define the corrective interventions, through appropriate treatments and particular dispositions of the elements, in order to guarantee an adequate level of comfort for the listener (or customer) and, depending on the destination use of the environment, certain levels of reverberation and speech intelligibility. "